Welcome To Your New Home!

On behalf of everyone at White Stone Developments, we extend our best wishes to you for many years of happiness and fulfillment in your new home.

New Homeowner Documents

We at White Stone Developments want to express our sincere, personal appreciation for your decision to purchase a home from us. We are confident that it will be a continuous source of pleasure for you and your family.

We are excited to provide the very best in new home value through a combination of excellent customer care, compelling product design, and a commitment to building a high quality home.

By purchasing your new White Stone Developments home you have made a wise investment that carries with it the best warranty in the business. Your new home is protected by a limited warranty that carries a comprehensive first year warranty and a structural warranty through year ten.

Customer Care/Warranty offers Walk Throughs with the homeowner for the first year. Orientation Walk, 2 Months Customer Walk, 6 Months Customer Walk, and 11 Month Customer Walk.

The Homeowner Manual has a variety of important information. Included are the Warranty Request Forms, 1 Year Limited Warranty information, and 10 Year Limited Warranty Information, Homeowner Maintenance Checklist, and Use/Care of Home section.

We have links to downloadable Warranty Request Forms and Homeowners Manuals below for your convenience.

If you find an issue please use the Warranty Request Form of contact Customer Care at (239)-933-1615 or jake@whitestinedevelopmentsllc.com.

Click here for the Homeowner Manual

Click here for the Warranty Request Form